Bacon And Beer Fest Returns To Nick’s In Old City

So, now you know what you’re doing on Saturday, October 4 from 4pm to 8pm, I guess. Wasn’t that easy?

Last year, the inaugural Bacon & Beer event drew hundreds of people because…well, because bacon and beer, duh. It was the ultimate no-brainer grub-fest. And this year, they’re pushing things even further.

How, you ask? With Bloody Mary ground bacon burgers (topped with Bloody Mary horseradish ketchup and blue cheese), pumpkin cheesecake brownies (topped with cherrywood-smoked bacon) and a whole lot more. No, I mean a LOT more. Seriously, check out the menu and the tap list.

Ground Bacon Slider Assortment (with Bloody Mary, Bacon Bacon, Southwest and Classic) $15.00
Bloody Mary Ground Bacon Burger (with bloody mary ketchup, blue cheese, green olives, celery shavings, black pepper) $9.50
Breakfast Ground Bacon Burger (topped with fried egg and American cheese) $9.50
South Philly Ground Bacon Burger (topped with sharp provolone and long hots) $9.00
Southwestern Ground Bacon Burger (topped with fried pickles, house-made salsa, jalapeño slices and pepperjack cheese) $9.00
Bacon Bacon Ground Bacon Burger (because sometimes you just want to eat a double-fistful of bacon) $9.50
Classic Ground Bacon Burger (with American cheese, lettuce and tomato) $8.50
Ground Bacon Burger (with lettuce and tomato) $8.00

And then, some things that aren’t just burgers made out of bacon:

Bacon Deviled Eggs (featuring special blend of bacon, chipotle and jalapeno. Also eggs) $8.00
Bacon Nachos (corn chips with crumbled bacon, cheese whiz, black olives, lettuce, tomato and sliced jalapenos) $10.00
Bacon Wrapped Shrimp (featuring pecan-smoked bacon with cherry pepper aioli) $12.00
Spinach Salad (featuring crumbled bacon and blue cheese, hot bacon dressing and hard boiled egg) $9.00
Bacon Crusted Cheesecake (for those who just want to just plain drop dead on the spot) $6.00
Pumpkin Bacon Brownies (chocolate fudge brownies with cherrywood-smoked bacon and pumpkin cheesecake, with bacon crumble on top) $6.00

Also, beer:

Prism Chocolate Bacon Stoudt $6.00
Pennsylvania Brewing Company Pumpkin Roll Ale $6.00
Flying Fish Oktoberfest $6.00
Flight of Hoegaarden Stella Artois and Leffe Blond $12.00

The regular, non-bacon menu at Nick’s Roast Beef will also be served. Admission to the festivities is free and open to the public. All the food and booze is pay-as-you-go. And you can get more information at the link below.

Nick’s Roast Beef [Official]