Cuba Libre Gets A New Chef (And TV Chef-testant)

Jennifer Salhoff has been having a busy season. First, she did a run on FOX’s extraordinarily shouty Hell’s Kitchen where, presumably, she got called all sorts of names by Gordon Ramsay. Her season is set to debut on Wednesday, September 10, and when it does, it will be playing during an 8pm viewing party at Cuba Libre where Salhoff just took over as exec chef.

There’ll be $5 mojitos and sangria, plus a tasting of her “signature dish from the show”–duck breast spring rolls with wild mushrooms and spiced cranberry. Considering that one of the guilty pleasures of Hell’s Kitchen is the fact that the contestant pool is often liberally salted with “cooks” who can barely make a cup of tea without the fire department getting involved, that’s pretty impressive and bodes well for her chances. She’ll be on the floor during the showing, and will answer questions after.

It also appears that those duck breast spring rolls aren’t just a lucky one-off either. She’ll be working under chef-partner Guillermo Pernot, but Salhoff has already had a nice run. She was at the Hattery Stove & Still in Doylestown before coming to Cuba Libre, and did time at Restaurant Cerise in Bryn Mawr and at Fork as a pastry chef and bread maker.

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