New Liberty Distillery In Kensington Partners With Stephen Starr

So first things first, yes. There is a new distillery in Kensington, located in the Crane Arts complex. A whiskey distillery, most notably, and one that won’t just be pumping out bottles of moonshine.

Second things second, if you’re a serious liquor enthusiast (particularly a local liquor enthusiast), you’ll likely know the name of one of the guys behind this venture (which is called Liberty Distillery and is operating under the banner of the Millstone Spirits Group): Robert Cassell, ex of Philadelphia Distilling, who has apparently used his downtime since leaving to come up with the Cassell Distilling System–a custom-designed still set-up which, naturally, is the centerpiece of the new Liberty Distillery operation.

Liberty looks to be putting out its first barrel-aged spirits before the end of the year (apparently, all that whiskey is sleeping comfortably even now, just waiting and aging), but actually selling booze to the masses is not the only thing that Liberty (and Millstone) is up to.

See, they’ve got a BIG space at the Stable Building–room for groups of up to 500 people. And while they might have the liquor part of any party handled, they’ve now brought in Starr Events as a partner to handle the catering side.

But what’s that you say? You don’t need to throw a party, but you are interested in leaning more about craft distilling? Liberty has you covered. They’re planning on launching a series of distilling classes soon, and already have a consulting business that’s there to help small-time distillers get up and running.

Not small time? Then maybe they could interest you in purchasing one of their Cassell Distilling Systems, which come in 240 and 600 gallon sizes.

Millstone appears to be trying to cover all bases when it comes to what could be the next big thing in Pennsylvania boozing–craft distilling. They want to be the go-to folks for every facet of the business, from education to start-up to expansion. And in the meantime, they’ll have their own brands of whiskey on the market shortly (bourbon, rye and malt whiskeys are their thing, in addition to the recreation of “three local and formerly extinct Pennsylvania whiskey brands,” according to their press), plus that big ol’ space just sitting there, waiting for people to come and fill it.

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