Will BYOB Turns Two


Will BYOB is celebrating its second anniversary with a special collaboration dinner. On Sunday, August 24th, owner and chef Chris Kearse will be joined by chef John Patterson of Fork and chef Eli Collins of Pub & Kitchen for a special $100 per person dinner that benefits the National Foundation for Facial Reconstruction.

Call for 215-271-7683 reservations or book online.

North Carolina Shrimp

Celtuce | Sea Lettuce | Smoked Oyster Crème


Happy Cat Farm Heirloom Tomato

“Burrata” | Cantaloupe Melon | Anise Hyssop


Plowshare Farm Lamb Carpaccio

Sweetbreads | Fermented Grains | Black Trumpet Mushroom


Line Caught Swordfish

Pipérade | Pickled Baby Corn | Oloroso Sherry


Almond Financier

Poached Peaches | Raspberry | Mahlab Ice Cream

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