Sneak Preview: COOK’s September Schedule


Alright cats and kittens, it is time once again for the new COOK schedule to go live. Tickets will go on sale tomorrow at 2pm but, in the meantime, we’re here to help you plan by letting you know about a few of the highlights of the upcoming month.

Okay, something you have to think about right from the start? September is Feastival month, and since both Audrey Claire Taichman and the lovely ladies from COOK are so busy with their Feastival duties, that pretty much rips the guts out of the month already. There’s basically a pastry class with Jess Nolen of Brauhaus Schmitz on Sunday the 14th, a “Symphony Of Chicken Dishes” with Michelle Haines of the Spring Mill Cafe on Saturday the 20th and NOTHING in between. I think the COOK crew has wisely scheduled in time for both pre-show panic and post-show hangovers, which is just good planning really.

But that one dead week aside, there’s plenty of action happening in September. Between Aaron Matzkin of Rotisseur, Jorge Chicas from the Red Owl Tavern, some tapas, some stews, two different vegan and vegetarian classes and, of course, yet another installment of our long-running Foobooz Open Stove Super Deathmatch Thunderdome Battle Royale (or whatever…), featuring crews from The Treemont and R2L fighting for honor and glory, there’s plenty in there for everyone.

So remember: Tomorrow at 2pm at the COOK website. Be there or be square.

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