The Dirt: What to Get at the Farmers Market This Weekend

Peaches, sweet corn, zucchini, and all this good stuff, now appearing at a farmer’s market near you…

Tomatillos – As though you needed another excuse to eat tacos, am I right? At Headhouse this week, Blooming Glen Farm will have some early season beauties that are just an onion and a jalapeño away from becoming luscious salsa verde for all of your taco-drenching needs.

Nectarines – Peaches seem to get all the glory at this time of year, but their just-as-pretty younger sister has arrived and she is ready for her turn on the trampoline right now, please. Nectarines are here! Beechwood and Three Springs each have the white-fleshed variety to start, and yellow ones should show up soon as well. Keep your eyes out for them at markets and if you can’t pick them out in the sea of peaches, just ask.

Bottled Cold Brew Coffee– Farmer’s market shopping is not for the weak or the under caffeinated, so it’s worth paying a visit to the Philly Fair Trade Roaster table at Bryn Mawr or Headhouse this weekend. They’ve recently started selling bottled cold brew coffee alongside the hot stuff, so you can get your fix the way you like it.

Dragon Tongue Beans – A Dutch heirloom variety, dragon tongue beans are yellowish green with streaky, purple spots and Savoie Organic Farm is growing them. Juicy and immature (like middle school gossip) you can eat them fresh the way you would romano beans, or wait until they are dry and leathery (like middle school cafeteria lunch) and you can shell them like limas.

Hand-Stretched Mozzarella – Hillacres Price, makers of a fine local pepperjack, cheddar, and colby cheeses are upping their game with a hand-stretched mozzarella. It is selling out fast at both the Headhouse and Collingswood markets, but grab some if they’ve still got it. The perfect accompaniment to all the luscious tomatoes out there, this golden mozz from their herd of 100% Jersey cows is sure to be super rich, kind of like how you’re gonna feel when you’re eating a caprese salad that puts that on the menu of pretty much every restaurant in this town to shame.

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