Boozy Buttercream Preps for Dîner en Blanc

There’s less than one month until a very secret spot in Philly is taken over by diners decked out head to toe in white. Dîner en Blanc is back and the ladies of Boozy Buttercream want to help make dessert the most memorable part of your evening.

Boozy Buttercream aims to teach the fundamentals of icing piping and cupcake decorating while students take full advantage of happy hour.

In anticipation of  outdoor picnic, the Boozy Buttercream team will be hosting a dîner en blanc class at Pennsylvania 6 on August 12th at 7 p.m. Owners and hosts, Emily Watts and Jamie Landers will be teaching the art of using a pastry bag and students will decorate four cupcakes, practicing different techniques using two different pastry tips. In honor of the dîner en blanc theme, the class will be using vanilla and lemon cupcakes with classic white vanilla buttercream and you can expect to learn how to use an open star pastry tip and pipe a buttercream rose. Oh yeah, and there will be beer to drink while you decorate.

Students will leave class with a take home pastry kit, a newfound knowledge of pastry arts (and maybe a slight buzz). Be sure to show off your new talent for baked goods at dîner en blanc, but don’t forget to bring extra for your table mates.

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