The Dirt: What To Get At The Farmers Market This Weekend


Break out the giant scissors again because The Food Trust is celebrating the opening of another new farmer’s market this weekend! This one, the product of a partnership with Congregation Rodeph Shalom, is at Broad and Mount Vernon on Sundays from 10 to 2. In addition to the usual fruits and vegetables, they’ve also got a bagel vendor and a dazzling array of smoked fish from Neopol’s Smokery! There may be no more perfect brunch than a bagel with smoked fish and a schmear–unless it also includes a few capers and cucumbers. Here are a few more suggestions for what to eat alongside…

Candy Onions – Scallions are still going strong at plenty of market stands, but sweet onions have begun to arrive as well. As yet uncured (so lacking the papery husk) you can use the whole of these fresh onions and they tend to have a mild, even sweet flavor. Rambling Roots Farm will have them at Rittenhouse, and Rineer Family Farm will have them at Chestnut Hill.

Sungold Tomatoes– The Sweet Tarts of the produce world, sungolds are those delightful, low-acid, orange cherry tomatoes that you probably fell in love with the moment you tried them. AT Buzby Farm will have them at Headhouse and Landisdale Farm will have them at Chestnut Hill and at Clark Park.

Black Raspberries – Not to be confused with blackberries, black raspberries are small, dense, and seedy. Deeply purple, they have a subtle perfume and their sweetness is a little bit underrated, but those who love them really love them. Look for them on the table at your favorite fruit vendor.

Gooseberries & Currants – They’re not the orange, papery cape gooseberries that you might have seen garnishing something somewhere, but Three Springs fruit farm has bright green and pink gooseberries at Headhouse as well as the impossibly elegant “champagne” variety of white currants. All members of the “ribe” family of fruits each are tart, filled with little, edible seeds that are juicy, like a tomato, and bracingly tart and refreshing. Make a little batch of jam or a pie or eat them as is.

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