Pub Letters: The Best Way To Spend A Tuesday We’ve Heard Of All Summer

I love this idea.

Doobies, in conjunction with Trophy Bikes and Casa Papel, is holding an event on Tuesdays in July called Pub Letters, and it is the simplest thing you can imagine. You sit at the bar. You drink a fine craft beer. And you write a letter–an actual letter, with a pen, on paper. The kind meant for going in the mailbox.

I love it because organizer Michael McGettigan (of Trophy) believes that “A decent letter should take about as long [to write] as two good drinks.” I believe that, too. I love it because he’s sick of seeing people sitting at the bar with their faces down over their cell phones. I am, too. I love it because writing letters is one of those things that has fallen out of style of late and writing in bars in general is one of those things that people (who aren’t me) just don’t do anymore.

So if you show up at Doobies on any Tuesday in July, between 7pm and 8:30, there’ll be free stationery and envelopes from Casa Papel, free stamps courtesy of Trophy, and drink specials at the bar. You can sit there, have a frosty adult beverage, and write that letter you’ve been meaning to write. Because yeah, everyone has a letter they’ve been meaning to write.

Whether they know it or not.

Pub Letters [Official]

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