Free Bacon? Yeah, Free Bacon.


We hope you’re hungry.

Starting Monday, July 14th, The Hattery Stove & Still is unveiling some of the best summer deals in town.

Chef Hakeem Otenigbagbe and his team will be serving up Buck-a-Shuck Oysters, $14 Endless Mussels and a Complimentary Bacon Bar.

Yes, you read that correctly, free bacon. Dreams really do come true.

So here’s how this will work. During the 5-7 pm weekday happy hour you can help yourself to Buck-a-Shuck ($1) oysters. Depending on availability, the chef hopes to be offering primarily East Coast oysters, such as Delaware Bay oysters and Cape May Salts.

On Monday nights from 5-9 pm you can really test your appetite with $14 Endless Mussels. Enjoy bowls of steamed PEI mussels swimming in the chef’s signature Dijon white wine reduction (yum) or smothered in a spicy red sauce. The mussels are accompanied by a hunk of crusty bread for dunking, dipping and soaking, and there are $3 craft brew cans. Children under 6 can enjoy the mollusks for free.

And then there’s the complimentary bacon.

The Hattery’s bacon bar will consist of a rotating spread of Canadian bacon, crispy pork belly, pancetta (Oh my!), hickory tamarind smoked bacon, apple wood smoked bacon, plain old bacon-flavored bacon and other local offerings. The only drag? You have to get all the way out to Doylestown. But if you find yourself there Monday through Friday, between 10-11:30 am, you’ll get to partake in this truly mouthwatering offer.

Chef Otenigbagbe attributes these generous deals to the enthusiastic community. “I’m happy to give back some added value to our guests, who have been incredibly supportive as we got our act together during our first month.”

So don’t miss out this July and August. Head to The Hattery Stove & Still inside the Doylestown Inn in the heart of historic Bucks County.

Because, free bacon.

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