Want An Alternative To The Center City Sips Madness?

rex-1516-menu-logoYes, Wednesdays can be awesome during Center City Sips. $5 cocktails, $4 wine, $3 beer and half-price snacks at restaurants all over Center City? That’s a nice way to spend a couple hours after work.

But there are a few places offering alternate Wednesday evening programming, either for those who don’t want to fight the crowds and consider summer Wednesdays as that day when they have to get out of the city before happy hour, or those who just happen to find themselves somewhere else come 5pm.

Like on South Street, for example, where Rex 1516 is offering some 5-7pm Sips counter programming. There’s a $6 mint julep at the bar, a whole menu of $5 bar snacks (which, here, means stuff like smoked pork sandwiches and scrapple sliders), and those weekly burger-and-Citywide specials from chef Justin Swain: $15 for a custom-made burger (which changes every week), a shot of Buffalo Trace and a pint of Newbold.

Hang out lone enough at Rex, and you’ll find yourself staring down the late-night happy hour at Jet Wine Bar across the street. There, from 9-11pm you can get $5 house wines, $3 Kenzingers, $5 bartender’s choice cocktails and a whole bunch of bar snacks that go for between $3 and $5.

Rex 1516 [f8b8z]

Jet Wine Bar [f8b8z]