Distrito Moorestown Has An Opening Date


Marc Vetri‘s singular hold on the Moorestown Mall is about to end. Come July 8, Jose Garces will become his new neighbor with the opening of his third Distrito location.

So what can we (and the good people of New Jersey) expect from this new Distrito? Mexican wrestlers, a floating fireplace, pork belly tamales and lots and lots of tequila.

The Food: As with the other Distrito locations, this one will focus on the regional foods of Mexico and, in particular, the tacos and huaraches of Mexico City–the “Distrito Federal.” So we’re talking fresh-made Guacamole with cotija cheese, topped with a choice of crab or lobster; tamales with pork belly, charred tomatillo and queso fresco; tacos and enchiladas, huaraches and larger entrees known as Platos Fuertes. Exclusive to the menu in Moorestown will be fajitas–including adobo-rubbed skirt steak, achiote-pineapple chicken and tequila-garlic jumbo shrimp, served with a hearty selection of sides and toppings. For brunch, there’ll be Torrijas, tres leches French toast with fresh berries and Chantilly cream, and a short rib skillet with braised short rib, potato hash, roasted poblano, caramelized onion and a poached egg.

The Booze: Tequila, lots of margaritas, tequila, tequila and more tequila. Also sangria, beer and wine. And tequila. Not bad for a formerly dry town, huh?

The Space: This is straight from Garces’s PR people:

The Moorestown restaurant incorporates similarly bright pops of pink and teal colors, complemented by a more muted scheme of grays, blues and other neutral colors. The 200-seat restaurant is broken into intimate zones through the use of architectural features. The front portion of the restaurant features a large bar, which adopts the signature style of Distrito Philadelphia through the use of the marquee sign that runs the length of the bar.

An eclectic mix of furniture creates a festive and casual vibe in the lounge. Glass doors open up onto the outdoor dining area that can be used during the warm months. The outdoor dining area sits under a two-story mural that is inspired by the street art in the La Condesa and Roma districts of Mexico City.

The backside of the bar is covered in Mexican wrestler masks, which creates a dramatic backdrop. In addition, a fireplace ‘floats’ in the center of this space to create further intimacy and warmth. The back wall of the dining rooms is wrapped in wood panels, which delineates banquette seating, and is reflective of more modern Mexican architecture. Leathers and fabrics are natural in texture and color, and form a contrast to the bright colors that peek throughout the space.

I still don’t understand the floating fireplace thing, but who cares? Things are heating up in Moorestown again.

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