TV Commercial for The Foodery Is Predictably Stupid, Awesome

A commercial for The Foodery has been airing during the World Cup. It is great.

Perhaps the best thing about soccer: The game’s 45-minutes halves feature no stoppages, which means no commercials cutting in to important sports time. This is always one of the joys of watching every World Cup — you always know how long the game is going to be!

But if you’re stick around during halftime of the World Cup this year, you may have noticed a fantastic local ad for The Foodery. The ad is primarily for the Roxborough location — I guess people know about the downtown and Nolibs ones — but mentions all the Foodery outlets at the end. It also features an excellent juxtaposition: A rabid sports fan and the library don’t mix! But you know what does? Eight hundred and sixty beers!

This ad deserves to be GIF-ed and analyzed.


It opens with a simple scene at the Abington Township Library. One man is studying. Another, clad in a hockey jersey from Mix Sports in Roxborough, is cheering for a pretend sporting event he’s following in his head. (You’ll note he’s not watching the game on his phone or laptop.


This shocks the studying man, who shows off his acting chops for the second consecutive GIF.


Despite disrupting the library, rabid sports fan of an imaginary game does not care.


He even goes as far as to hit his tablemate in the face with a foam finger!

All in all, it’s a fantastic commercial. It even identifies where it was filmed at the end — how convenient. I know what you’re thinking: This really makes me want a mix-a-six of beer. Well, now you know: You can get one at the place that pioneered it.