Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Le Bec Sold, Avance Facing Eviction, More Matt Swartz Drama, Big Gay Ice Cream, Bar Volver, World Cup, Guy Fieri, Cheap Shots and The Great Wawa Sandwich Heist


Wow. It has been a huge week for restaurant news in Philly. So let’s get you all caught up, huh? Here’s what you might’ve missed.

George Perrier Loses Le Bec Fin Building In Sheriff’s Sale But it may all be part of an elaborate plan

Matt Swartz’s Probation Officer Works For Him At Farmers’ Cabinet Because of course she does

Avance Is Facing Eviction Just a few days after the former Le Bec sold at auction

Big Gay Ice Cream Coming To Philly Specifically, to Broad and South

Checking In At Bar Volver Trey Popp makes a stop at Volver’s non-reservation-only lounge

Where To Watch The World Cup By country

Gastronaut: The Kake Krusader The greatest superhero you’ve never heard of

Guy Fieri And Steve Martorano DJs and Donkey Sauce in Atlantic City

Federal Donuts Teams Up To Launch A Kickstarter Rooster Soup Co. may be one of the best ideas we’ve heard in a long time

Center City Wawa Robbed… Of sandwiches

The Revisit: Lolita How things have changed on 13th Street

Another Update For Hop Sing’s New Happy Hour Now you can drink cheap on Saturday, too