Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Good News, Bad News, Fire, Shots And Donuts


Okay, so first the good news:

Stray Thoughts From My Review Of Volver Some leftovers from Trey Popp

West Poplar Federal Donuts Opens It’s the biggest one yet

New All-Shots Happy Hour At Hop Sing There was some confusion, but things seem to have worked themselves out

First Bite: Stock Powerful flavors in Fishtown

Jen Carroll Headed Back To TV In “Top Chef Duels”

HubBub Coffee Opens In Radnor

And now for the bad news:

Fire Closes Varga Bar But they’re hoping to get reopened soon

Another Fire At Jersey’s Crystal Lake Diner And they’re not getting open again anytime soon

Lemon Hill Closes Yeah, it was a surprise for the staff, too

IRS Raids Branzino There were guns and bulletproof vests involved

Two Restaurants In Cherry Hill Close And they’re chain restaurants, too

The Mildred Is Closed For good this time

And then there’s this…

How’s The Cheesesteak At John’s Roast Pork? Quite good, thank you

About Last Night: Open Stove XXV Drink, drank, drunk

Do’s And Don’ts At The Jersey Shore The most controversial video of the week