Capri-Coolers Make Their Way to Atlantic City’s Continental


Now you can act even more like a child when you go down to Atlantic City this summer. These red berry vodka-filled pouches are the much more adult version of Capri Sun, the popular kids drink I rarely got to enjoy as a kid because my Russian mother was way too strict.

I can’t tell if this is awesome or awful.

POLL: What do you think?

At any rate, there’s that, and then they have some more-adult-but-not-too-adult drinks at Continental AC: the Summer Sangriapinot grigio, limoncello, strawberry liqueur and fresh fruit and Summer Thyme, their version of a Southern watermelon lemonade, with fresh watermelon puree , pineapple ginger syrup and Veev Acai berry liqueur.

Who wants to be an adult at the beach anyway?

Continental Atlantic City [Official]