The Hattery Stove & Still Opening Next Week

A couple months back, we mentioned that the Doylestown Inn was getting a big new restaurant in the form of the (rather oddly named) Hattery Stove & Still. Well, opening day has finally come and the new, 150-seat space will be opening to the public on Tuesday, May 27.

We’ve already discussed most of the details of the design and concept of the place (check out the previous post to catch up), but two things we didn’t know at the time? Who the chef was going to be and what, exactly, he was going to be cooking.

But now we do.

Hakeem Otenigbagbe will be running the kitchen at the Hattery. And that’s pretty big news because Otenigbagbe has some pretty big names on his resume–having cooked previously at Blue Fin, Per Se and CraftSteak. And he’ll be doing an ambitious menu, with a kitchen that’ll be running from 8am to 2am, seven days a week. We’re talking wild mushroom toasts and fried olives on the menu of bar snacks, frog legs and octopus confit with sherry-chorizo vinaigrette on the apps list, chipotle shrimp tacos and a solid burger for lunch, a raw bar, a cheese and charcuterie program, then filet mignon with crispy bone marrow and potato puree, steamed skate on a gooseberry and saffron sauce, and vegetable bibimbop for dinner.

Oh, and there’s a full-on breakfast menu, too. And 14 taps at the bar, plus wine and cocktails. This is a serious undertaking in Doylestown, and we’re hoping for the best.

Hattery Stove & Still [Facebook]