Martorano’s Opening at Harrah’s Casino

Zagat Philly’s Danya Henninger reports that Steve Martorano is coming home. Sorta.

The South Philly native who started cooking from his 26th and Wharton Street childhood home (then made his way to the Northeast (Macaroni’s and Steve’s Italian Kitchen), then down through Florida casinos, and on into the Las Vegas casino scene), will be opening up his first Atlantic City casino spot, Martorano’s in the Harrah’s Casino.  

Similar to his other locations, this 300 seat space will be a restaurant by day, nightclub by night (“We’re a one-stop shop,” Martorano says, “Come for dinner and stay for the party.”). It’s going to be his momma’s cooking, except he’s “taking it to another level” (because of course he is). He’s even going to use Sarcone’s Bakery for his bread program.

And since no celebrity chef counts as a real celebrity chef these days without his own branding strategy, Martorano is also putting together his own “Yo, Cuz!” line of wine, jarred sauces and gravies, and apparel. Because who doesn’t want to kick back in Atlantic City with a plate of Next Level Meatballs while sipping on a fine merlot from the Yo, Cuz! vineyards?

Martorano’s in Harrah’s Atlantic City: What Will It Look Like? [Zagat]