The Dirt: What To Get At The Farmers Market This Weekend

May is seriously the season where every week feels like a holiday at the farmer’s market. Like news of a celebrity pregnancy, a major awards show, a flash mob wedding proposal, and a funny cat video smashed together, every newly arriving plant or fruit seems brilliantly exciting in its novelty. This week is no exception. Look for the following awesome new additions to the agricultural line-up…

Radishes – Love ‘em or hate ‘em, radishes are unavoidable this time of year, and even if you don’t like their spicy flavor, you have to admit that the cheerful little red, white and purple bunches are pretty cute.  Radish lovers happily eat them plain, shaved into salads or match them with good bread, butter and salt. If the idea of that combination sounds preposterous, try them roasted or sautéed instead, the heat mellowing their spice. Still not a fan? Slice them thinly and top tacos with them, because carnitas.

Dandelion Greens – Once the purview of  South Philly nonnas, hippie moms, and those foraging before it was cool,  dandelion greens have now become a bona fide field crop and relatives of the yellow fuzzies you’ll find in your yard are now cultivated specifically for their juicy leaves. Blanch the greens and drain them before sautéing to tame some of their bitter flavor.

Morels – No promises on whether or not morels will make it to market, but now’s the time for them, so snap up these fancy little mushroom babies up if you see them.

Transplants – Gray days in spring might not be our favorites, but they’re ideal for getting your garden going.  Buzby Farm will have strawberry hanging baskets at Headhouse this weekend, and Taproot Farm at the Chestnut Hill Market is promising tons of transplants to get your veggie seedlings growing.

Asparagus – There’s no denying it. Asparagus is the indie rock sensation of springtime. Everything else is an opening act. Rineer Family Farm will have bundles of fresh spears at Chestnut Hill and Rittenhouse this weekend.

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