Top Chef Is Headed For Boston

Yes, it’s official. Word has just come down that the new season of Bravo’s Top Chef will be taking place in Boston.

Please keep all cursing and gnashing of teeth to a minimum. We were really hoping for a Philly season, too (Come on, Tom…), but Boston should be…interesting. They’ve got some former cheftestants there, some excellent restaurants, a thriving food scene, and certainly enough chowdah and “how do you like them apples?” jokes to fill at least the first few episodes. Now all we have to do is start trying to figure out what chefs they’re tapping for the new season. So… Does anyone know of any locals who’ve suddenly made spring travel plans?

If you want a few more details, they’re obviously pretty excited up in Boston. Check out the link below to get started.

It’s Official: Top Chef Is Coming To Boston [Boston magazine]