News For People Who Like Bad News: Rob Halpern Leaving Marigold Kitchen


Talk about going out on top. 3 bells from Laban, a #2 slot on our most recent list of the 50 Best Restaurants in Philly. And now word has come down that chef Robert Halpern is leaving his post at Marigold Kitchen. The reason? He’s getting married. After that, he’s moving to California. And frankly, that would be one helluva commute.

So here’s how things are going to shake out. It will be business as usual at Marigold up through Monday, May 19. After that, the kitchen will be doing a series of “small, super-seasonal ‘best of’ dinners” on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights only, running May 30 through June 28. The 28th? That’ll be Halpern’s last night in the kitchen.

Oh, and for those of you look-on-the-bright-side types out there who always think something will come along and save the day? Marigold is also being put up for sale.

So yes, if you have been as big a fan of this place as we have over the years, you should really make your reservations now and get in before the end. Because unless you’re planning on following Halpern to California, this will be your last chance to get a taste of his work.

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