Greatest Hits And What You Missed: New Menus, Naked Beer Fest, Dinner At Volver, Cheesesteak Tacos and Kickstarting A Fishtown Tiki Bar

Happy weekend, everybody. I know a lot of you are busy, but in case you’re just hanging out, waiting for the next cool thing to happen, here’s what you might’ve missed this week.

Sbraga Debuts New Spring Menu A new 4-course prix fixe for $55

Oh, And There’s One At Fond, Too Lee Styer shows off his spring lineup

And Boot & Saddle

And Noord Is Doing Brunch

In Other News, Fishtown Tiki Bar, The Yachtsman, Runs Out Of Money, Turns To Kickstarter  But the $36, 700 dollars they’re asking for would be enough to open two all-vinyl record stores and an artisan scarf shop!

There’s A Naked Beer Fest In The Poconos Um… Ew?

East Passyunk Restaurants Robbed Of money, not hand-made tagliatelle and house-cured lomo, which is weird

20 Observations On Last Night’s Performance Dinner At Volver Come on over and give us shit in the comments section!

And Taco Bell Is Doing A Cheesesteak Taco Because they misplaced the definition of shame over there a LONG time ago