Jake’s Sandwich Board Expanding To University City

So CoZara isn’t the only new restaurant coming to University City. Word just came down that Jake’s Sandwich Board, open for four years now in Midtown Village, is looking at expanding into UCity this fall.

The space is already picked–the second location will be going into the new development at 40th and Sansom Street, where it was recently announced that construction has been delayed by months. And as of right now, no one really knows anything like a date for the opening–just some time in the fall.

But what we do know is that the new spot will be designed by Eimer Design as a “a fresher, more intimate” experience. Eimer is also remodeling the original location this summer, and both spaces will end up sharing various design elements. The new location will also allow customers to choose between Jake’s signature sandwiches or to custom-design their own from “a variety of freshly prepared toppings and add-ons, including housemade spreads, fresh-roasted veggies and an assortment of cheeses and sides.”

But in the biggest news, the new Jake’s will have two things that the original does not. First, it’ll deliver to the UPenn dorms. Second, it’ll stay open until 3am on the weekends.

Jake’s Sandwich Board [Official]