New Steak Em Up Commercial to Make Phillies Games Watchable

The Phillies won't be good this season. But at least we have a new Steak Em Up ad to enjoy all season.

It’s opening day! And, if the experts are any indication, the Phillies aren’t going to be very good this year. But a new season means new local television broadcasts, and new local TV spots. And, yes, there is a new(-ish) Steak Em Up commercial that aired over the weekend during exhibition games. And it is glorious.

I like that “parody of 1999-2002 Budweiser ad campaign” has become Steak Em Up’s “thing.” I think if Steak Em Up makes two more ad parodies, there will be more parodies than there were actual “Whassup?” ads. Before, all the pizza place had was the parody of The Cars’ “Shake It Up.” Now it has two parodies!

This ad may be the greatest Steak Em Up ad of all time, though.

Let’s go through it, using GIFs, because there’s a lot here.

New Steak Em Up Commercial Makes Life Worth Living Again. GIF: on Twitpic

This is Shawny Hill, right? Hill, once a fan who danced at Flyers games, is now an in-arena host for the team at the Wells Fargo Center. If he were connected to the early 1970s teams in any way, I’d peg him as the next GM.

Update: He does have a connection to the 70s team!

I expect him to get the job sometime in 2024.

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This is an… umpire. We don’t want any umpires in the Steak Em Up ad, they might rule against pizza and cheesesteaks.

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Congratulations to Steak Em Up on finding the world’s worst pirate costume. This is a pirate, right? What else could it be? Am I missing something here? The Steak Em Up commercial has me questioning everything I thought I knew about life.

Update: Enrico Campitelli from The 700 Level has the scoop.

Now it… sort of makes sense?

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I’m surprised the world didn’t explode during the filming of this commercial, this fist-bump was so cool.

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Steeeeeak Emmmm Upppppppppp!

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And let’s not forget the glorious logo, a gangster holding a cheesesteak instead of a Tommy gun. I predict Steak Em Up will go 162-0 this year.

Year of the Cheesesteak [Foobooz]