Help Wanted: Picking The Region’s Best Craft Beer

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Okay, so we have this project that we’re starting here at Foobooz World HQ. We’re trying to find all the best local craft beers in order to face them off, head-to-head, and determine (through drinking) which one is the greatest of them all.

We have our experts, of course. Our brewers and bartenders, drunkies and hop-heads, and all the various other professional drinkers we turn to whenever there’s a question involving alcohol and its consumption. And there’s our own not-insubstantial drinking experience to fall back on, as well. But you see, we’re worried…

We’re worried that, somehow, we’re going to miss a beer. Or two. Or twenty. We’re concerned that, with the overwhelming numbers of great beers out there, that we might somehow forget one that could’ve been a contender to the throne. And that’s why we’re turning to you, the Foobooz community. All day today and throughout the weekend we’ll be collecting and cataloging your suggestions for the best beers in the area, so if you’ve got one (or two or twenty) that you really, truly love and think might be the best, let us know.

Yes, beer nerds, this is your moment to shine. So please, help us make sure that our starting list of beers is as full and comprehensive as it can be. All suggestions go in the comments. Feel free to vote the suggestions made by others up or down. And while I know how passionately some of you out there feel about your lagers and your stouts, let’s try to keep it civil, huh?