Peddler Coffee Hits The Streets

peddlerThe first week of spring might have you dusting off your bicycle to ride to your favorite coffee shop for a cup, but by the time summer rolls around you might not even have to lock up your wheels. There’s a new super “nano scale” coffee roaster in town, and instead of taking the food truck route (or the brick-and-mortar one, for that matter) Peddler Coffee will introduce itself to Philly the only way that makes sense: via bicycle.

Peddler is the project of Zachary James Urbanski and Richard Kessler, and the two are taking an extremely DIY approach to their business. They’re roasting single origin coffees by hand, brewing with Yama cold brew towers, and they plan to serve their coffee with a hand pump from custom built bicycles (by the same folks who made Little Baby’s ice cream tricycle). For the moment, Urbanski (who has a degree in graphic design) is even screen-printing the black and gold label that appears on every single bag.

Check out Peddler on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and look for them along your favorite bike route.

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