Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Jose Garces, High Street’s Brunch, Bibou Revisited, An Aldine Pop-Up, Inside The Gaslight, Whiskey, Waffles and Shake Shack

Gaslight01Lot’s of big news this week, and from some of the biggest names in Philly’s restaurant scene. So let’s get right to it, shall we? Here’s what you might’ve missed…

A second Look At High Street’s Brunch The critic’s wife weighs in

Petruce et al Now Accepting Reservations Which means there’s an opening date, too

Bibou Revisited How is Pierre Calmels’s original restaurant holding up now that his attention is on Le Cheri?

Tickets To Dine At Jose Garces’s Volver Are Now On Sale The adventure begins…

Oh, but wait. There’s more. Jose Garces Is Also Going To NYC

Checking In At The Fat Ham There’s more to lover here than just the hot chicken

The Gaslight, In Pictures Jason Cichonski’s new Old City bar is a surprising place

The Gastronaut: Philly vs. Manhattan Can Philadelphia become the culinary center of the East Coast?

Whiskey And Waffles Brunch At Ela Now you have plans for Sunday. You’re welcome

Aldine Pop-Up At Cheu Noodle Bar For one night only…

Shake Shack News For this weekend and beyond