Are These The 5 Best Cheesesteaks In West Philly?

2014-year-of-the-cheesesteakWest Philly Eats has put together a list of the best cheesesteaks in West Philly, but the list is a bit…underwhelming. I mean, I love the fact that a halal restaurant that I’ve never even heard of makes it into the #1 slot, but there were a lot of frightening inclusions among the other entries. Like how do you make it onto a list of the best of anything with a description like this?

The problem with this cheesesteak is that there were too many frills, and the cheesesteak is essentially a big, dumb, tasty sandwich with no frills. The most upsetting frill was the flaccid lettuce. The cheese was, somehow, unmelted. It was too ketchupy. The tomatoes were hard. I am not a purist, so the various condiments and vegetables did not necessarily bother me. But the frills were not fresh. Everything was slopped together to form a liquidy mush on greaselogged bread.

No, seriously. That was one of the best.

So anyway, the West Philly Eats list included Pasqually’s, Lee’s Deli, Koch’s Deli, Gojjo and Saad’s Halal Restaurant. Each one gets a write-up and its (relative) strengths and weaknesses weighed. But I gotta ask… For those of you out there living in West Philly, is it really such a cheesesteak wasteland? Are there that do better?

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