Petruce et al Now Accepting Reservations

petruce-et-al-logoThe sharp eyes over at Eater Philly noticed that Petruce et al–the multiply-delayed Walnut Street project from the Petruce brothers, Jonathan and Justin–is now accepting reservations through Open Table. The big day appears to be Friday, March 21.

And that seems about right. Most recently, the crew has been stymied by the installation of hoods and ventilation for the kitchen, but I’ve heard that this problem either is, or shortly will be, in the past. The team is hoping to fire up the kitchen some time in the next couple days to start testing things out in advance of the public opening next week. So here’s hoping this final leg of the marathon goes smoothly.

Oh, and for those of you out there who just have to be the first ones in to any new restaurant of note, I’d snag those Friday reservations now. People have been waiting a long time for this place, and there’s no saying how fast the tables will be snapped up.

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