Unlimited Beer Dinner At Pronto Bistro

Pronto Bistro in Thorndale has just upgraded its tap system, and to celebrate the new focus on craft beer, owners are hosting their first beer dinner this Wednesday. They’ve chosen to go with Victory, as it’s a local brewery, and they’ll be offering … wait for it … unlimited beer. Chef Franco Alvisi has prepared a menu where each of the four courses is paired (and prepared with) a different Victory brew, and a brewery rep will be on hand to talk about it all.

In the crowded field of beer dinners, this one stands out for one big reason (apart from the unlimited samples): Italian food. Pronto is a family-owned Italian restaurant that serves specialties from the homeland made with ingredients mostly free of chemicals and GMO’s.

Tickets sell for $55. Contact the restaurant for details. And check out chef Alvisi’s menu after the jump.

Pronto Bistro Victory Beer Dinner

Course 1

Braised Apple Salad with Victory Headwaters Vinaigrette, Arugula, Baby Spinach, candied Walnuts, Smoked Mozzarella, & Bacon Lardons

Course 2

Victory Dirt wolf Rabbit Stew with seasoned Crostini

Course 3

Victory Porter Beef Osso-bucco over Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Course 4

Root beer Float, Victory root beer cake topped with Donnybrook Stout Ice Cream

$55 per person including tax. (gratuity not included) Room opens at 6:30PM, dinner starts promptly at 7PM.

Pronto Bistro [official]