The New Jersey Steak, In Book Form And Meat Form

NJStripThat picture right there? That’s the New Jersey steak, as envisioned by photographer and meat artist Dominic Episcopo in his book Meat America. Pretty cool, right?

For those of you taking bets on exactly how long it would take for a Garden State restaurateur to try and cash in on the idea, the answer is: Today.

At Charley’s Other Brother in Mt. Holly, owner Larry Reisman and his chef figured out a way to hand-cut a sirloin strip into the proper shape and, voila! The New Jersey steak. All through March, Charley’s will be pairing their New Jersey steak with a Flying Fish Exit 4 American trippel for $29.99.

Meanwhile, we’re selling Dominic’s book, Meat America, through the Foobooz Store for just $32.50. And while an entire art book filled with pictures of meat made into things (like, say, New Jersey, or Elvis’s head) is pretty cool, what makes it totally rad is the fact that the entire thing comes packaged like a steak–in a styro tray, wrapped in shrink wrap.

Meat America [Foobooz Store]
Charley’s Other Brother [Official]