A Message from Hawthornes


On Friday, February 21st the building Hawthornes Beer Cafe resides in was heavily damaged by an electrical fire. The fire started in one of the apartments above the beer and brunch spot, leaving the building uninhabitable for the residents and Hawthornes. This weekend the staff of Hawthornes sent out an update to their email list.

Friend of Hawthornes,

It is with much regret that, today, our newsletter is being written to inform our friends and patrons that on the morning of February 21st, 2014 Hawthornes Beer Cafe and the apartments above fell victim to a 7:00amelectrical fire that took away the homes, comforts, and livelihood of all that resided and worked within 738 South 11th Street.
With everybody safe, our focus is to stand strong with the cards we were dealt, come together as a team to rise above this tough time and rebuild our home with drive, focus and complete motivation to the very best of our ability. We are rebuilding our home not just for ourselves but for every guest that has ever smiled within our doors.
Hawthornes wasn’t just a job to us. It’s what we loved to do; it’s our souls. From ownership down, we are passionate about giving everybody a great experience by sharing our expertise and drive. We want every guest to see us as personable, caring, and open to chit chat. We want to talk beer, food, travel, and sports. We want you to kick back with the people that you love in our home, because it permeates the walls, tables, chairs, and minds that exist within. We want happiness and celebration around us. We want to see joy. That’s our drive each and every day. Seeing what we’ve created out of that passion come to a sudden halt that morning is not what will break us, but bring us closer than before and stronger when we reopen.
For the time being, we will hold events in support of rebuilding Hawthornes Beer Cafe in an effort to come back better than ever! Each week I will continue to make it my duty to keep all of our guests informed of what is coming up and what to look out for. Many of these events will be held at our sister shop, The Cambridge (1508 South Street), which is also a brainchild of Heather and Chris. In the mean time, please, show your support for Hawthornes by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so that you can stay up to date on our day to day developments. Have a few drinks at The Cambridge where we have twenty-five beers on draft, a full-service bar, and an outstanding menu. Also, we ask that everybody spreads our news by word of mouth so that we can get back on top quickly!We’re looking forward to this challenge!

-The Hawthornes Staff