Eli Kulp Launches A New Winter Tasting Menu Called “Our Terroir”


Fork already has a tasting menu, but that wasn’t quite enough for chef and serial overachiever Eli Kulp. Starting tomorrow and running Tuesdays through Saturdays, he’ll be serving a new tasting menu called “Our Terroir,” inspired by the local meats and produce available during winter in the Philadelphia region and creating “a strong sense of place by incorporating the traditions, foodways and culture for which Pennsylvania is known.”

So what’ll he be serving other than snowballs dusted in road salt? How about shaved apple salad with wild hickory nuts, or Dallastown venison carpaccio with charred local cabbages and pine tip tea (which he’s calling “The Pine Barrens”). There’s “Kennett Square à la Pascal Barbot,”–local white button mushrooms turned into a galette inspired by the famed Astrance chef, but substituting cashew cheese, smoked sweet potato and citrus for Barbot’s French foie gras, and “Brown Butter Noodles,” the classic Pennsylvania Dutch dish with house-extruded spaghetti served carbonara-style with smoked pork jowl, farm egg and local pecorino. My favorite thing listed on the early preview provided by Fork? “Saffron’s Revenge,” which is rabbit from Bucks County grower Justin Hulshizer whose grandmother’s saffron is grown and eaten by the wild rabbits around his property. Nice.

But hey, don’t listen to me. There’s a video where Kulp explains the whole thing.

“Our Terroir” will run you $95 per person (with an optional $50 wine and beer pairing). The only complication here is that the menu is only available for the entire table and is served family-style. Oh, and Eli won’t be doing the menu on Valentine’s Day, so you’ll have to pick another night to come in and check it out.

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