The Dirt: What To Get At The Farmer’s Market This Weekend

With every drugstore and florist in full, garish Valentine’s Day splendor, it’s only fitting that the farmer’s markets get in on the action. Whether you’re a V-Day grinch or a fan, here are some rosy, local options to love.

Scarlet Turnips These hot pink turnips look a little like chioggia beets, and you might confuse the two if you’re not warned. Super high in vitamin C and potassium, they make a great addition to a mixed roast of root vegetables, or grated into a salad. Plus, these rosy ones have a milder flavor, more like radishes, than the more ubiquitous purple-topped variety.

Purple Viking Potatoes It’s sort of tempting to think of potatoes just as, you know, potatoes. Like apples or tomatoes, however, distinct cultivars have distinct flavors and textures to be appreciated. Not to be confused with the brightly-fleshed purple peruvian potatoes, Purple Vikings have a bright white, waxy flesh and purple skins with pink stripes. They’re tie-dyed–a versatile potato with a sweet flavor.

Lover’s Kraut Because nothing says “it’s business time” like a jar of probiotic sauerkraut. Pick up a jar of pink-hued Lover’s Kraut from Food and Ferments at the Rittenhouse market.

Arkansas Black Apples Remember that poison apple in Disney’s Snow White? After the wicked witch dips it in that evil potion?  Kind of like your bad attitude towards Valentine’s Day? Well,  Arkansas Black apples are kind of like that, minus that whole sleeping forever thing. They’re very dark red, almost plum colored, and they have a dense, white-yellow flesh with a tart flavor. Incidentally, they’re also sometimes called Snow White apples because of the pronounced color contrast between the skin and the flesh. Fifer Orchards in Delaware is growing them around here. Look for them at the Fair Food Farmstand and make a pie to eat all by yourself if you spot them.

John & Kira’s Figs Though fresh figs are solely an autumnal treat here in Philly, local chocolatier John & Kira’s imports dried Calabacita figs from Spain and fills them with a whiskey and dark chocolate ganache. Pick up these or one of their other sweets for your sweetie at the Rittenhouse Market.

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