Geico Super Bowl Ad Celebrates Cheesesteaks

Did you turn off the Super Bowl after the halftime show? Then you may have missed the Geico Gecko dancing to cheesesteaks in South Philadelphia. Geico, the insurance company that has utilized a hump day camel, a talking pig and a gecko from down under to great success, rolled out a “Cheesesteak Shuffle” ad during the Super Bowl. The ad, which was shown in select markets is part of Geico’s most recent television ad series, “The Gecko Journey.” The ads feature the mascot talking about landmarks across the country. Philadelphia and the “Cheesesteak Shuffle” has kicked the series off.

In the Philadelphia ad, the gecko appears in front of Pat’s and Geno’s Steaks discussing how in Philadelphia you can get a cheesesteak 24-hours a day, similar to how Geico’s web site is available all day and night. Then the gecko breaks into dance, the “Cheesesteak Shuffle” to be exact.

Geico has also posted a Cheesesteak Shuffle video that is at least as good as the Chicago Bears’ Grammy nominated “Super Bowl Shuffle.” Let’s see if it becomes a viral hit.

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