Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Super Bowl Take Out Deals, Top Chef Recap, Killer Cheesesteaks, FedNuts Wedding Cakes and the Best Wings In Philly

That’s okay. We get it. It’s a big weekend and a lot of you out there probably aren’t thinking much about food–at least not beyond the sorts of things you can shovel into your snack holes between plays. But in case you’re looking for something to distract yourself until kickoff, here’s what you might’ve missed this week.

The Garage Begins Testing Its Food Cart And we have the menu

SUV vs. Irish Pub Guess who won?

Angelo Cataldi Almost Killed By A Cheesesteak There’s a lesson to be learned here

Jason Cichonski’s Gaslight Has A Menu And we have that one, too

Han Dynasty’s First Monday Tastings Are Back Hosted by Han Chiang himself

New Industry Happy Hour At Bar Ferdinand Late-night eats for the neighborhood white jackets

Yes, Federal Donuts Makes Wedding Cakes They would also work as sitting-on-the-couch-in-your-underpants-watching-cartoons-alone cakes

Top Chef Episode 16 Recap Aloha, Mr. Colicchio

What Are Your Favorite Wings? Come participate in our survey

Super Bowl Take Out Deals Around Town Make your party awesome (even without a giant cake made of donuts)