Work Has Begun On The Former Sophia’s Space

How Sophia's looked back when we all had high hopes

How Sophia’s looked back when we all had high hopes

The Passyunk Post is reporting that the brown paper has gone up on the windows at the former Sophia’s on East Passyunk–a sign that work has started on the new restaurant being opened there by Townsend Wentz.

All we really know right now is that Wentz (ex of Lacroix and McCrossen’s Tavern, most recently) is going in with a modern French concept, heavy on the wine, and that the front bar is being redone. They’ve got a few more details over at the Post (plus a picture of the papered-over windows), so check it out if you’re hungry for some grist for the rumor mill.

Work Has Started On Replacement For Sophia’s [Passyunk Post]