Umami Burger Narrowing in on Philly Location

Letto Diner

Letto Diner has previously flirted with Garces and Starr.

Michael Klein posted about the Monte Cristo burger at Umami Burger today. An odd choice, considering the closest Umami Burger location to Philadelphia is in Greenwich Village. But down towards the bottom of the post is this tidbit:

Philly happens to be high on Umami’s list of cities in which to open. My Umami source says the search has been narrowed to a couple locations.

Another source IDs one possible location as the old Letto Deli on 13th Street near Locust.

Could the Letto Deli,  which has flirted with Starr and Jose Garces finally wind up hitched to Umami Burger? We could dig that.

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