Pairing Beer With Pie At Barren Hill Tavern

Yesterday, we had news for you on pairing beer with Girl Scout Cookies. Today, it’s beer and pie.

Barren Hill Tavern in Lafayette is celebrating National Pie Day by throwing together a beer-and-pie pairing menu on Thursday, January 23. Here’s what the house has to say for themselves:

Throughout the evening, Barren Hill Tavern will offer four exceptionally crafted desserts with optional beer pairings and one pie paired with Barren Hill’s signature cocktail Barren Hill Punch, because as Cartman on South Park says, “more people will come if they think there’s punch and pie”.

Couldn’t agree more. Sous (and pastry) chef Melissa Stout-Greiner has put together a nice menu, too. Click through the jump to see how the pairings will come together.

  • Chocolate Cointreau Pie paired with Barren Hill Punch (brandy, port, spice)
  • Shaker Lemon Pie paired with Barren Hill Belgian Golden
  • Frozen Banana Split Pie with Barren Hill West Coast Oats
  • Peanut Butter Tart with DuClaw Sweet Baby Jesus (a chocolate peanut butter porter)
  • Rum Raisin Apple Crumb Pie with Southern Tier Pumking

So check it out on Thursday, from 5-10pm, and celebrate National Pie Day in fine form.

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