Greatest Hits And What You Missed: Paella, Vandalism, Jason Cichonski, Top Chef, A Cheesesteak Manifesto and Celebrity Chefs Coming To Philly

It was a strange week at Foobooz World HQ. We reported live for two days from the Drexel Philly Chef Conference and then made our way back to the offices to learn about celebrity chefs coming to Philly, write a cheesesteak manifesto and catch up on everything we missed early in the week while we were learning about food writing, pasta machines and the modern history of Avance. So, for those of you who were just as distracted this week as we were, here’s what you might’ve missed.

Holiday Hangover Dinner At Lemon Hill Just in case you haven’t had quite enough of the holidays yet

Simply Shabu Opens In Chinatown Hot pots for everybody!

Holy Cannoli! Isgro Vandalized And we have some video

Petruce et al Staffs Up They have an all-star et al

A Cheesesteak Manifesto Welcome to the Year Of The Cheesesteak

Colicchio and Carmellini To Philly? Yes, if Bart Blatstein gets his way

Two Restaurants and a Hotel For The New Comcast Tower Of course, we’re going to have to wait a bit…

Foobooz Six Pack Paella in Philly

Jason Cichonski Buys A Bar Philadelphia Bar & Restaurant will now be The Gaslight

Top Chef Episode 14 Recap Po’ boys for Roy Choi