Devil’s Den Launches Their Late Winter Menu

This week, Devil’s Den exec chef Paul Trowbridge and c-de-c Matt Daggett released their late winter menu of small plates, comfort food and house-made sausages.

While the normal board is interesting and decidedly border-hopping (including everything from confit wings with house-made dry rub to patatas bravas, meatballs, mac and cheese and pulpo with creme fraiche and pomegranate), the most noteworthy new addition  are the sausages which come straight from chef de cuisine Daggett.

Apparently, the man just spent a couple weeks bopping around Europe (Germany in particular) in order to eat a lot of curry wurst and brush up on his traditional sausage-making skills. What he came home with was good enough that Trowbridge decided to make them a permanent part of the menu. So be on the lookout for lamb sausage with cannelli beans and honey-thyme mustard, pork belly sausage (really? Why has no one done this before?) with sweet potato and hot mustard, and more.

As a matter of fact, why don’t you just check out the full menu below? I’ll bet it makes you hungry…

Devil’s Den Late Winter Menu

Small Plates
Soup Du Jour
Sour flemish mignonette, grilled lemon
Confit Wings
House made hot sauce or dry rub, celery,
gorgonzola cheese dressing
Duck Fries
Duck crackling
Pork Tacos
Bbq pork, pickled celery house made kim
Seared trumpet, crimini and oyster
mushrooms, pearl onion sunny up quail egg
Braised and seared Spanish rock octopus,
creme fraiche, frisee, pomegranate
Garlic aioli, roasted tomato
Orzo Mac & Cheese
caramelized onion, manchego cheese
Bacon Wrapped Dates
whipped ricotta cream, balsamic drizzle
Shrimp & Chorizo
Deviled Eggs
Orange zest, kim chi
Sweet Potato Fritters
Maple marscapone, chile oil
Patatas Bravas
Roasted potato tossed in spicy tomato sauce
Crab Tots
Cheddar beer sauce
Roasted Beets
Red and golden beets, seared round of goat
cheese, pistachio vinaigrette
Winter Salad
Bibb lettuce, Mandarin Orange, gorgonzola
cheese, walnut vinaigrette
Sweet Pea Hummus
Mint, fresh pita bread


House Burger
lettuce, roasted tomato, caramelized onion,
house sauce
Farmhouse Burger
dry rubbed patty, lettuce, roasted tomato,
caramelized onion, house sauce, pulled pork,
fried egg
Pulled Pork Sandwich
Pickled red onion
Black Bean Burger
Avocado, garlic aioli
Kentucky Brown
Brined and roasted turkey breast, swiss
cheese, brown gravy

House Sausages
(All served with fresh baked pita bread)
Lamb Sausage
-Cannelli beans, honey-thyme mustard
Pork Belly Sausage
Sweet potato, hot mustard
Boudin Blanc
Roast potato, pickled cabbage, sweet
Creamy polenta, manchego, whole grain
mustard creme

Lamb Chops
Celeriac puree, swiss chard, raspberry
Short Rib Ravioli
Caramelized ciopollinni and pearl onion
consomme, watercress, creme de dijon
Duck Ragout
Duck leg confit, house made duck
prosciutto, creamy corn polenta cakes
Seared Scallops
Parsnip apple puree, warm truffle
mushroom salad
Fresh semolina gnocchi, mushroom and
butternut squash ragu

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