Madame Fromage Is Throwing A Cheese Ball

If you consider yourself a member of the lait-erati, you’ve probably heard by now that this weekend Madame Fromage (cheese writer Tenaya Darlington) is hosting a Cheese Ball! The evening is sure to be a scintillating mix that includes a roving ice cream cart, a pool-table-sized cheese board of crowd-sourced nibbles (part of the price of entry is that you bring a cheese to share), and, at midnight, the coronation of the king and queen of curd.

The evening is a benefit–a cave raising, if you will–for Birchrun Hills Farm cheesemaker Sue Miller, to kick-off a campaign to build a cheese cave. Sue is best known for her Birchrun Hills Blue, but you may have tried Equinox, Fat Cat, Red Cat, or one of her other cow’s milk cheeses at the Headhouse Farmer’s Market or at any number of restaurants in town. Now, she’s ready to take her cheesemaking operation to the next level.

Judging by the number of door prize donations that have been offered since the Ball was announced, it’s clear that the food community is ready to boost her there. In addition to a bevy of cheeses for the evening, DiBruno Brothers has donated a selection of cheeses for the event itself, as well as a private, after-hours tasting at the 9th street store. Edible Philly magazine has offered a one year subscription, chef Eli Kulp is offering dinner for 2 at High Street on Market, and chef Patrick Feury donated a tasting for four at Nectar Restaurant & Lounge in Berwyn.

The ball is being held on Saturday, January 18th at RUBA Social Club at 416 Green Street. Doors open at 7:30. Dress code is as fancy or farm-y as you like. Entry is $10 plus a hunk of cheese to contribute to the communal board. Check with Madame Fromage for updates.

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