Kevin Hart and Ice Cube Are Giving Away Free Cheesesteaks At Jim’s

Yeah, you read that right. And yeah, it appears to be true. Philly native Kevin Hart and Ice Cube–costars in the new movie “Ride Along”–were on the red carpet last night in North Philly, and today, Hart is taking Cube on a tour of his hometown. According to Hart’s twitter, this includes a stop at Jim’s on South Street where, apparently, he’s buying lunch for everyone in Philly.

From @KevinHart4Real

Meet me on 4th & south at 2:30pm Philadelphia….lets gooooo damn it!!! I’m giving out free cheesesteaks with my man @icecube at Jim’s

So, yeah. Like the man said, 4th and South at 2:30. Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. Free cheesesteaks for everyone.

KevinHart4Real [Twitter]