Come Up with a Rye Pun and Win a Yards Gift Certificate

Last night I was invited to try Yards Rye for the first time. The beer was very drinkable for an IPA, with a dry finish. And the beer certainly did pair well with barbecue, which Yards brought in from Fette Sau for the event. Before the drinking and eating, I joked with brewmaster Tom Kehoe how he ever came up with Rye as the name for the beer. He admitted it wasn’t the most clever name, but follows Yards tradition of straightforward naming (IPA, ESA, Philly Pale Ale). Not that they didn’t try to come up with something as catchy as Brawler. In fact Yards is still trying to come up with something funny (or punny). And they’re looking for your help.

Come up with a pun and submit to Yards Brewing’s Facebook page by tomorrow and you’ll be in the running for one of three $50 Yards gift cards.

Win a $50 Yards Gift Card [Facebook]