Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Avance’s Opening Menu, Jerky For Sale, Top Chefs Everywhere, and Videos From The GradHo Crime Spree

Stove at the ready.

Stove at the ready.

Crime, chicken, jerky, idiots, assholes and restaurant openings–that’s what I call a good week for Foobooz. Here’s what you might’ve missed…

Side Project Jerky at the Foobooz Store Get it before it sells out

It’s A GradHo Crime Spree! From the dumbest criminal in the neighborhood, apparently

Cheap Eats: Wishbone Fancy-pants chicken fingers anyone?

Dickens Christmas Roasts At The Victoria Freehouse Weekend plans leading up to the big holiday

Here’s How To Get Your Restaurant Publicity On Or how bad PR people ruin the PR industry

Top Chef Episode 10 Recap In the hall of the gnocchi King

Videos of the GradHo Smash-And-Grab Burglar Have you seen this guy?

Another Top Chef Contestant Comes To Town Travis Masar is working at Sampan

Opening Menu At Avance Here’s what you’ll be eating this weekend