Free Krispy Kreme Donuts On Thursday

Well, not totally free, but free enough. On Thursday, December 12, all local Krispy Kreme donut shops are offering a free dozen original glazed with the purchase of a dozen of any variety. This is all happening because of some kind of Facebook promotion that I don’t really understand (or care about) because the only part of the press release I really read was the part that said FREE DONUTS. (and the part that said you need to bring this coupon with you–so don’t forget it)

So anyway, to recap: Krispy Kreme, Thursday, December 12, buy a dozen, get a dozen free with this coupon. Got that? And if anyone needs me come Thursday, you know where I’ll be–sitting inside my locked office, eating 24 glazed donuts all by myself. Because I love donuts and am super bad at sharing.

Krispy Kreme [Official]