COOK Masters Program: Now Accepting Applications From Cooks And Food Writers

Yes, ladies and gentleman, we’re doing it again. Foobooz and COOK have gotten together and organized a new semester of the COOK Masters Program–a totally free cooking school curriculum designed to put up-and-coming cooks in front of some of the most talented chefs in the city so that they can learn from the best.

As always, the program is free. COOK will host one class every week for 7 weeks, beginning January 13 (with most classes happening on Monday afternoons in order to work around the schedules of busy line cooks), for just 10 students. They’ll learn butchery from Jon Cichon of Lacroix, French sauces from Peter Woolsey of Bistrot La Minette, talk about wine with Brian Freedman and more.

But this time around, we’ve made a change. While, in the past, the program has been open only to cooks, this time we’re holding a couple spots open for food writers–and having a special class taught by Rick Nichols and Drew Lazor which will focus completely on the business of writing about dinner rather than cooking it.

So are you interested? Of course you are. We’re taking applications for ten days (starting today), and you can find a full course schedule and links to the application paperwork below.

COOK Masters Program

Semester Three
Course Schedule & Syllabus

Monday January 13 12pm: Wine-101 with Brian Freedman

Monday January 20 12pm: Food Writing with Rick Nichols & Drew Lazor

Tuesday January 21 12pm: Health & Nutrition with Katie Cavuto

Monday January 27 12pm: Butchery with Jon Cichon

Monday February 10 12pm: Baking with James Barrett of Metropolitan Bakery

Tuesday February 11 12pm: French Sauces with Peter Woolsey

Tuesday February 18 12pm: Braising Meats with David Katz

COOK Masters Program Online Applications:

Application for Cooks
Application for Writers