Thanksgiving Leftovers And Bourbon Dinner at Ela

So now that the big day is over, what’s the second-best thing about Thanksgiving? Leftovers. And while you may be perfectly happy with turkey-and-stuffing sandwiches or just eating mashed potatoes out of the bowl with your fingers, the crew at Ela is doing something a little classier.

On Wednesday, December 4 at 7pm, chef Jason Cichonski and Ela are doing a one-time-only Thanksgiving Leftovers And Bourbon dinner. Four courses, $55 a head, and all the bourbon is being provided by Jim Beam. The cocktails are being designed by Ela’s bartenders. The kitchen crew is putting the menu together. And you can score your reservations by calling the restaurant at 267-687-8512.

And, of course, we have the full menu after the jump. Because we’re looking out for you, that’s why.

Ela [f8b8z]