Meritage Offers a Duck Menu

Today through Friday November, 22nd  Meritage is offering a four-course duck menu for $39. Anne Coll’s menu even manages to get duck into the dessert with duck cracklings on a flourless chocolate torte.

Amuse Bouche
Foie Gras mousse, crostini, cranberry chutney

First Course
Braised Duck Taco, local apple & red cabbage slaw

Second  Course
Frisee Salad, duck confit, poached egg,
seared foie gras, crispy potatoes

Third Course
Tea Smoked Duck, pumpkin risotto,
crispy kale, sauce dulce forte

Fourth Course
Flourless Chocolate Torte, cranberry compote,
Swiss marshmallow, duck crackling

Meritage [Official]