Tomorrow: Chris Kearse Cooks A Charlie Trotter Tribute Menu At Will

Charlie Trotter, the celebrated chef credited with putting Chicago on the dining map, died this Wednesday at the age of 54. This Sunday, November 10th, at Will, chef Christopher Kearse–who worked the fish station at Trotter’s lauded Chicago restaurant–will celebrate the chef by offering a tasting menu in his style. The menu will take the format of Will’s typical Sunday prix fixe (four courses for $45), but Kearse aims to pay homage to Trotter with each dish, employing his philosophy that “nothing be done the same way twice…these dishes will be today’s version of some of Trotter’s classics.”

Call 215-271-7683 or visit to reserve a table. And check out the menu after the jump.

Charlie Trotter Tasting Menu at Will BYOB

Sunday, November 10

Daikon “Lo Mein”

Chili, Goji Berries, Cilantro


Raw Cauliflower Soup

Pickled Shallot, Balsamic, Wilted Lettuce

Lamb’s Tongue

Bleeding Heart Radish Terrine, Seckel Pear, Star Anise


Gulf Shrimp

Potato Puree, Fennel, Turmeric Emulsion

Duck Sausage & Burgundy Snails

Matsutake, Tamarind, Jicama, Hazelnut Vinaigrette


Lemon Poppy Angel Food Cake

Stewed Blueberries, Black Pepper & Red Wine Gelato

Chocolate Cherry Terrine

Burnt Orange Cream

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